How do I turn my Verbatim 401248al into a liteon

I’m new to this and am a bit confused. I have a vertbatim 401248al firmware z8s2 and am wondering how I can turn it into a liteon and upgrade the firmware. I already have mtkflash but don’t know where to go from there.

anyone? I have this drive too

Same way you make a LTR40125 to an LTR48125. I turned my VBT401248AL into a LTR48125W. There is nothing special. I did make it a slave on the primary IDE controller first.

Read the mktflash thread. If you have the bin file, you’re ready. I suggest you backup the original firmware, just in case you have to flash it back for a return.

There are a couple of posts on Verbatims from a few weeks ago that you could still find. The mktflash thread is pretty easy to follow.