How Do I Turn Burnproof Off?

I need to turn off burnproof to burn a few dvds (it is supoosed to read better in the equipment i am burning it for) but i dont know how to.

Does anyone know how to do it on my Lite-On LDW 851S ??


1st, it won’t make any discs “read better”.
2nd, you can’t turn it off.

It helps stop the ripple looking effect on the disc and the “equipment” the dvd is for doesnt like this effect

Thanks for the reply

I have tried turning off burnproof for my CDWriter, it comes out that when buffer underrun occurs, Nero reports disc error and my CDWriter is locked and waiting for buffer refill. Maybe it is just a Nero’s bug.

If you really want to do so, in the “final burn setting” of nero express 6, click option, uncheck SMART-BURN enabled.

smart-burn is not the same as burnproof.