How do I transfer AVI movies from PC to Panasonic E55(standalone) with DVD-RAM?

Hi all,

I have a Panasonic E55(standalone) DVD Recorder & a LG DVD Recorder on my PC.

I wanted to know how do I record an AVI movie from my PC on to a DVD-RAM disk so it will play in my Panasonic E55(standalone) ?
(ie. what format, program etc…)

Also, how do I transfer a movie recorded from TV on my Panasonic E55(standalone) to play in my PC in AVI format ?
(ie. what format, program etc…)

thanks for any help provided

I dont think that the Panasonic reads AVI files, so any AVi’s you have will have to be converted to either VCD, SVCD or DVD format (see the transcoding forum for a load of helpful guides).
When recording, it burns a “Hybrid” MPEG2 file. What “Hybrid” means is anyone’s guess, so just record something, pop it into your PC and see if you can play it. Again, if you want to convert to AVI then look at the guides on the transcoding forum.

I think home recorders can possibly accept AVI only from a DV camera via the firewire input…and the recorder converts it during the proccess.
So, instead of using the DVD-RAM, record back to DV tape and pass it from tape to the Panasonic. This way you can get your PC edited AVIs passed to this device.
If your AVIs are of a different kind or if this is not your idea…sorry but no guess+