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I hope this isn’t too much of a noob question. I Got an NEC ND3520A the other day, and I put LD3520 1.U6 firmware on it, mainly becuase I want to unlock riplock. Then I did some testing. If I put in a store-bought DVD movie, and try ripping it with DVD XCOPY, it takes the same amount of time to read it as with the original firmware. Similarly, if I simply drag and drop the contents of the DVD to my hard drive, it takes the same amount of time as before.

So my question is this: Is there a good “before and after” test that illustrates the effect of having riplock removed?



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You could try downloading DVD Decrypter that will tell you in real time what speed the movie is being ripped @. When I pacthed my Lite-on to remove RipLock it went from ripping @ 2x to bout a max of 12x.



I also have found that the riplock removal hacked firmware did nothing for my 3500. The other benefits of the firmware worked so I have just concluded that the 3500 series are poor readers when it comes to DL media. I got the AOpen for ripping; it was the best $30 I ever spent.


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I totally concur with your observations-



Hmmm…not so with my 3500 and the 218btrpc1 firmware. The maximum rip speed using DVD Decrypter is just under 7X.

I can rip a DL movie at zero compression (main title with English AC 5.1 only) in about 10 to 12 min (3.9 to 4.3GB). The system is a 600 MHz PIII with AnyDVD and Nero Recode. AnyDVD and CloneDVD yield about the same result.


You are indeed lucky. I have the exact same firmware and I get rips that start at 1X. I would try more but it isn’t worth it as I have the AOpen; it starts at 5X and tops out at 11X. I am sure that this would be better if I tried a lot of different discs and probably I have hit a bunch of bad discs or I just have a bum DL reader. The real humor is that the NEC is the fastest -R/+R ripper I ever saw starting at 7X and topping at 16X. It is still useful when I have errors present; half the time I get the NEC to read something unreadable. The rest of the time the Liteon comes through.


The NEC 35xx rip DL video at 5x CAV with stock FW, and 8x CAV with the riplock removed. If you want to see this, just use CDSpeed transfer rate test with a DL movie.


Try a new factory DL DVD and recheck using Nero CD/DVD speedtest. You may need to reboot/eject the DVD a few times to disengage riplock. Should start at 3.1X with max speed around 7.3X.

Your SL speed is about the same as mine…6.5X to 16X.


I guess that the 3520 is a crappy ripper when it comes to speed. I use my Liteon 411s but that has trouble reading some DVD’s. The whole reason that I bought the 3520.

CDRLABS removed RIPLOCK before this test.

Taken from the review:

NEC’s new DVD writer didn’t do as well as some of the other drives when reading DVD videos. In our tests, the ND-3520A reached a maximum speed of only 4.98x when reading both single and dual layer discs. This is pretty slow considering there are drives out there that can reach speeds as high as 16x.

Article is here:


What makes you think they “Removed RIPLOCK” before the test? Looks to me like they tested with standard 1.04 firmware.



It looks to me like they expected the drive to rip faster.

“The drive also read DVD±RW media at a respectable 8x, but slowed to only 5x when reading DVD+R DL discs and DVD-Videos. While this doesn’t have any effect on playback, there are faster drives out there if you want to rip DVD movies.”

"This is pretty slow considering there are drives out there that can reach speeds as high as 16x. "

How many other drives out ther rip at 16X with riplock enabled?
That is what makes me think.

I have disabled RIPLOCK and I have ripped about 20 DVD’s. The Drive will not go above 5x. I have plenty of time to think while I am waiting.

If you have this drive as your only drive, you do not have movies that are out of your region, you do not need bitsetting, I would say use the original firmware. Don’t hack the drive, void your warranty, and degrade your burn quality for an extra 1x rip speed that you will get for removing rip lock.

“The main negative points: The main negative point is, by using/flashing the modified firmware into the NEC ND-3520A it will void the guarantee. Meaning you will lose your “moral” right to RMA the drive if it should break or be damaged during a flash process or other usage caused by the modified firmware. Another negative point is, only the best quality media is likely to get good quality results. Meaning – on “crap” or “bad” quality media, there will be hardly anything to gain on quality issues. And as a last point – by removing the RIPLOCK the drive will become noisy during any DVD-Video playbacks.”

Also note that in the side by side hacked firmware VS. original firmware, they did not test rip speeds, or perhaps they just didn’t post the results, after riplock was removed.

One of the main reasons that people use hacked firmware is for the region free and the riplock removal. I could care less about shaving off .002 seconds from a burn and I would rather be able to use crappy media if I want to.

As I said earlier, If you mostly backup movies, perhaps you are better off not hacking the drive. I would definitely recommend it if the drive would rip at a faster rate but 1x more isn’t hacking it. So to speak…

Please tell me if someone else got this drive to to rip a movie at a higher rate.


what is riplock ?


Check this:


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