How Do I Test New Pioneer BDR-208D?

My Pioneer BDR-206D has failed not even 2 years old (won’t read dvd’s faster than 8X even though will write at 12X and 16X), so I bought a new BDR-208D.

I have tried both Nero DiscSpeed 11 and Opti Drive Control 1.70, but both only show a 2X write on BD-R SL, but Imgburn shows that I can burn upto 10X, the speed that my Falcon/TDK’s are rated for.

Q1. Which software should I believe?

Q2. If only ImgBurn is reporting true, how do I test this new drive?

Q3. Are there any sample files I can download from some website to try to burn and read?


Scrap the TDK discs!

You did buy the BD burner for testing? Sounds hilarious.

BDR-208DBK doesn’t perform quality test on Opti Drive Control, only some LiteOn drives. The speed reported depends on firmware (BDR-208DBK has no update yet) and media compatibility. In some cases (win8 or 8.1) could be a software related problem (in my case Nero DiscSpeed could not see the drive)