How do i test my burner?

Plextor 2410TA

im actually getting around 2 in 5 cds being crap and not working, however this is using 16x Memorex 80mins, although i am only burning at 16X (originally i thought it was because i was burning the CDs too fast, but that does not seem to be the case). How do i know if its the media or my CDRW thats dying? Im getting a new Liteon 32x however ive already ordered 50x 32x Datasafe silver Premium CDrs so i guess i cud try a load of them, but isn;t there a way i can say BAM! my CDRW is screwed and its going back to the repair shop? I’ve already had one Plextor (1610TA) go funny on me which i got replaced or repaired i dont know which, so i cant help but feel a little weary that my CDRW is most likely at fault… thx

I had to read this post 5 times before i could understand it a little.
You had big grades in grammar class ? :slight_smile:

There’s, in my point of view , one way to test if your cd writer is gone wacky. And that’s to write , write and write again. You could use a CD-RW disc for that to save a lot of money.
If it’s under warranty and its writing sucks ; I suggest bringing it back.

As for the media… I’ve heard from Memorex and i have never heard Memorex being praised as a good quality stable cd media.
This hasn’t have to be a bad thing in general.

My experience is that you pay for good quality.
In the cdfreaks shop there are lots of high quality cd-r’s.

It couldn’t hurt of course to change to another brand for a while.