How do I tell Outlook Express I am allready dialed up?

Just recently, Outlook express insists on hanging up and redialing whenever I use it. Never did this before. It is not the worst problem but I have to assume there is some way to tell it to stop being so stupid; that I am always on line.

Help! :o

Look Below for the Setting:

Unfortunately, my option is shaded out and not available either. I don’t want it to hang up, maybe I wasn’t clear. When I am already on line, it still insists on dialing again.

o/t why are u using outlook express when you can get microsoft office 2007 beta 2 for free? I’ve got that and use outlook 2007 and havent had any serious issues. It sometimes asks me to reenter my password, which is saved anyway so i just click ok, but other than that it works a treat.o/t

Check you Tools->Settings in internet explorer & tell it to never dial a connection.
You’ll have to manually dial in though :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s possible that your connection is timing out, or your ISP has introduced a “Time-limit” feature to clear the lines.

Microsoft have stopped allowing Beta Testers to download this. It is no longer “Free”.

Other ways of obtaining office 2007 are against forum rules.