How do i tell if my TY DVD Media is fake?



Hi there,

I have recently been buying a lot of TY Media from
I need to be a 100% safe that the TY media i am buying is 100% genuine and not fake TY media.

How would i go about doing this?


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You look for lot/batch numbers near the center hole of the disc.

The numbers should have two letters and six digits like this:

8x DVD+R: TG00xxxx
8x DVD-R: GG00xxxx
16x DVD+R: TH00xxxx
16x DVD-R: GH00xxxx

where “xxxx” are digits.

If you find such codes your discs are genuine Taiyo Yuden.
If the codes are not there (or are different) then your discs are fake.

You may also want to look in these threads:

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Hi mate thank you very much indeed,
GG000267 is what it said so it must be real then.

thanks again mate.


JPL displays are one of the better places to get TY from here in Australia. I’ve never ever had a problem with them…


[QUOTE=jason69uk;2073870]GG000267 is what it said so it must be real then.[/QUOTE]

Yep those GG discs are as real as you can get. :iagree:


AFAIK, any media sold by jpldisplays as TY is genuine. :slight_smile:

I’ve not heard of a single report over the past few years of fake TY (or any other brand for that matter) being sold by them.