How do i take a downloaded movie and put it on a vcd?

how do i take a legally downloaded movie and put it on a cd so all kinds of dvd players can use it ? :sad:
Really Sad

What site did you use to download the movie? Can we have a link? Non paid services are not tolerated on cdfreaks.

Relevant question, since different download services may use different protections.

Note entirely true, there are free domain movies…legal, but non paid.
Having said that, I would prefer that you use the report bad post button if you feel something is not allowed here. Otherwise, we have to assume it is a legitimate question (innocent until proven guilty). Let us staff play the bad guys, that is what we’re here for (and some of us do a great job at that :bigsmile:)

To the original poster, a bit more information would be helpful. Have you already checked out our Guides and tutorials section?