How Do I Sync Up Subtitles?



I have copied several DVD titles to my computer that don’t have subtitles and then in turn downloaded subtitles from sites but when I go to burn them they don’t sync up. If I play them on the pc and use the subtitle option they do but once I burn them, that’s when the problem starts. How can I fix this and what information do you need from me to help you help me? Thanks.


Are you using DVD files or simply avi files?


I am using DVD files, I rip with DVD Shrink and then ReBurn with ConvertXtoDVD. THanks for the reply…


The problem is likely ConvertXtoDVD. If you already have DVD compliant files, no conversion is necessary. Put the subtitle files in the correct location ( in the folders where you ripped your DVD), and then use DVD Shrink to create an iso.