How do I switch from InCD to Windows burner?

I go back and forth between using the Windows XP burner program and InCD. Once a disk is formatted (CD/RW) with either program, of course I need to keep using it on that disk. If I’ve been using a disk formatted for InCD and then take it out of the drive and put in a disk formatted with the Windows burner and has been previously used by it, :confused: I get an error message that says the disk is not formatted to use this program and that it will need to be reformatted (not true). This after I put the disk in the drive and access the Windows XP burner via My Computer icon. But for some reason it thinks I am still in the InCD program and I’m not sure how to switch. Then what I end up having to do is shut the whole computer down with the disk still in it and restart. THEN when I access the disk I can use it with the Windows XP burning program, which I access from My Computer icon.

So, to make a long story short (too late, I know, sorry) how do I switch from InCD to Windows XP to burn and read a CD/RW? :confused:

Blame Microsoft for that one… Actually, the problem may also exist (if you had similar software) in other operating systems, but I suspect MS’s memory management and not fully releasing the memory used to store the disc info related to that drive. Some versions of DOS had the same problem with the floppy drive and you couldn’t reset the drive information if you swapped floppies without shutting down and restarting… and the problem seemed to develop over time, rather than instantaneously…

Which all suggests that your OS build may have a bug in it and need to be rebuilt… or that the two software packages have incompatibilities that has corrupted the operating system.

The difference between the InCD packet writing program and the MS built in recording software is when you copy a file to an INCD formated disc, it will burn as you copy. The MS recording software saves it to a location and then when you press the eject button, will record the CD at once. Because of this, you will not be able to use the same disc for both programs. I dont know of a way to switch between InCD and windows xp recording, because:

  1. InCD disables/interrupts windows xp recording when installed
  2. Nero Express/Nero Burning ROM does the exact same thing as windows xp burning.

Okay, thanks for the info. I guess I will just have to keep turning the computer off and on when I want to switch programs. At least until I figure something else out.