How do I stop Nero installing directx 9 over 10

I have windows Vista and when I try to install Nero 7 it tries to install directX 9. The problem is Vista has directX 10 and I don’t want to overwrite it. Can anyone help?

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It won’t overwriteDX10.
It should detect DX10 and carry on with installing Nero

Please help. Pretty please.

Hey Bob,

Dee-27 gave you the answer. Frankly, you’re not going to get a response from anyone who knows more than Dee.
I’ve never had an installation of a program revert directX to a previous version. Besides, you can always download and install directX10 from MS:

Hi :slight_smile:
Vista installs a kind of stripped down version of directX 10. Enough for microsoft purposes.
For some functions you need parts of version 9.
Nero is one such s/w.
However the version 10 is not overwritten it is simply added to.

Thanks for the help.
For some reason, when I sent the pretty please message, I could not see Dee-27’s reply. It is not that I didn’t believe her, it is just that I didn’t think anyone replied. Sorry about that and thanks again. I will give it a go.