How do I stop Azureus from checking updates?

How do I stop Azureus from checking updates everytime it connects? I don’t want to update my Azureus, cuz it’s only a backup client. It’s very annoying that it ask me for update every freaking time. Is there anyway to disable the automatic check update? Thanks.

If those settings exist, they’re usually in the program options somewhere.

Couldn’t tell you where, I don’t use Azureus…but try snooping around all the program settings/options a bit.

You could switch to Utorrent instead… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

lol :bigsmile:

Yeah, it should be in the options somewhere. I forget, having uninstalled that bloated thing ages ago…

Seriously - Utorrent 1.6 is where it’s at.

Tools -> Options -> Interface -> Start -> “Check for latest versions”… :wink:


It worked, Thanks. :smiley: