How do I shrink?

Hi guys. I have just registered cause my head is just about melted !!! Sorry if I am in the wrong section or anything but I have been trying to burn dvd VOB files converted from an AVI file which I downloaded.
Thing is its just too big for the dvds I have. Now I have tried using DVD Shrink , which seems to only do dvd to dvd. I have tried using so many others Nero DVD Soft, AnyDVD, DVD Clone. But no matter what I try there seems to be no option to shrinl the files a little. The files are 6.5 my stupid DVDs are 4.5 or close to that.

Can anyone help ? :frowning: … Rob

If the files have been decrypted You should have no problem with the software you have been using.

AnyDVD doesn’t “shrink” (compress) it is a decrypter but can be used with other software.
You list DVD Clone do you mean CloneDVD2 ?

If not you should be able to use DVDShrink to compress .

Just to make sure you are working with a DVD compliant folder.
The 6.5 GB size is a VIDEO_TS FOLDER with .IFO , .BUP , & .VOB files inside it?

Its always best to convert to dvd and fit the video to the size you want at the same time. I suggest using AVStoDVD to convert the avi file to fit a single layer dvd.

I just wrote a guide for AVStoDVD if you need some instructions for it:

And this thread belongs in the Video Editing forum, so I’ll move it there, and leave a redirect in this forum so you can find it easily.


Hey thanks for your reply. Yes I meant CloneDVD2. I think I must just be really stupid on this occasion cause in DVDShrink I cant seem to add files from my hard drive. It just seems to accept them from the dvd drive! ?? Also I cant find an option in the program where it actually allows me to shrink files ??? In fact I cant find any options in any of the programs which allows me to even lower the quality so It will lower file size …

[I]cholla[/I] … i would really appreciate it if you could take me step by step theu how to take an AVI file thru to the right size after converting to vob files so i can just burn onto a disc smaller than the files originally were pleaseeeeee … I,m nearly all burned out lol … thanks so much for your help … Rob

By the way, if you’d prefer to work with the dvd you have already made, the best program to reduce its size is DVD Rebuilder. There is a free version available.

thanks for that. I’ll pick this up again tomorrow. It’s late here now. Thank you for all your help … Rob

@ Kerry , I also like & use DVDRebuilder (free version). You know I have modified mine some so it does a better job with HCEnc in that it allows more settings.
I have found for the unmodified DVDRebuilder that the HCEnc in AVStoDVD does as good of a job.

@ RobIreland , If I understand your last post you started with an .AVI file then converted it to DVD compliant ? If that is correct then I would use the .AVI file as the source in AVStoDVD as Kerry56 recommends. That way you will have one less step in the conversion. This is a good idea when possible because with every conversion step the quality can degrade . I’m going to read his new guide but I’m sure it covers compressing to SL DVD size.

Thanks Cholla … I will give this a try and thanks lots for your help … Rob