How do I shrink twice with DvD shrink?

I’ve only ever done it once before and now I can’t find the instructions I had the last time.

help please!

Run it once with shrink,then run it again…What is the prob? is it not shrinking enough to fit 4.7 disc? take out some audio streams or subs,or try re-author main movie only…

Why would you want to compress the movie twice? Tell us exactly what you are trying to accomplish and we can probably help.

You’d be better off using DVDRebuilder if the compression needed is very high.

I’m trying to backup my new copy of transformers. I ran dvd shrink once and it couldn’t compress it enough for it to fit on a 4.7 disc.

I’ve shrunk a movie twice once before and it works great! I just don’t remember the settings that I used to do it. I have NEVER re-authored or removed stuff from a disc before. That is why I am asking how to shrink twice.

MBK is right. You should use DVDRebuilder if you need that much compression. There is a free version available, which includes a very good mpeg encoder called HC. Rebuilder is slower, but the results will be much, much better than trying to compress a movie the way you are suggesting. It will allow you to keep the entire movie—you don’t have to reauthor it.

As far as using Shrink twice, I don’t see why you couldn’t compress from the disk, then open the resulting files and compress again. The result will look like crap on a large movie, but this is your project and you can do it the way you want.

You can delete unwanted audio, subpictures by just unchecking the window. I think Shrink was able to do DVD5 and DVD9 so check if it is set to DVD5, than it will compress to fit single layer DVD.
But like [I]MBK[/I] say. Shrink is not too good for high compression, get DVDRebuilder.