How do i shrink mp3?

i got a 5mb mp3, how do i shrink it down to 1mb or even less?

i wanted to get the song to my razr v3 phone, but it only has 4mb of memory builted in, it’ll be great if there are some kind of software out there that could shink it down to a very small size, my phone only supports mp3s and midi.

thanks for helping

I am sure there is many ways to do this.

One way is to use Nero WaveEditor, just open your MP3, and save it as:
MP3 : 16 kbit, 16000 Hz, mono

Of curse the quality will suffer, however it should make a large Mp3 file quite small.

See pics.

I use SWITCH . It’s a great tool and is free . You can download it from : .
Good luck !
Cheers ,
Fanaudi .

Coolaid , I’ m so sorry I gave you a wrong adress . The [B]correct[/B] download is :

Cheers ,
Fanaudi .