How do i shrink a dvd, so that it will fit on a 4.7 gig disk?



Uhm i guess the title explains it all burned a dvd into an iso to make a back up disk, and the disk is saying it’s to big to fit on the dvd, how do i work this…


You can shrink it using DVD Shrink. It’s free, but no longer updated.


Still the best program for shrinking there is! :iagree:


It depends - I will assume you own the DVD media -

  1. Does it have some kinda copy protection on the media?
  2. Are you looking for a freeware to do that or willing to buy the software?
  3. Is your DVD media DL or single layer?
  4. Check to be sure your media is support or or good quality for burns.
  5. Purchase a reliable and good quality burner incase you need support.
  6. Make sure your firmware is updated.

My advice if you willing to spend a little money that will best fit the beginning user is to try a download version of Anydvd and CloneDVD from slysoft. As these two packages have worked for me. Anydvd will decrypt the protection and Clonedvd will compress from DVD+9 to DVD+5 or 8.4G to 4.7G DVD media. These both have a 21 day free trial on them. For some this might be to much but if you have lots to backup or just to have a copy around incase you don’t want your original to go bad. I am in no way paid by or advertising slysoft, I am speaking from experiences of using this software. So as it stands is my opinion unless I find a better software setup that works better together.


Shrink is good but one question how will it get past current protections? As programs that are updated like Anydvd is update from slysoft you can’t defeat the protection on DVD media you own to make working backups.


Yep :iagree:


RipIt4Me+DVD Shrink+ImgBurn.


I’m a newbie, and I have been using Anydvd and CloneDVD from slysoft. they come with a free trial period so you can check them out. I find this software works good and is really easy to use. I think both software programs together only cost me $59, so not a huge investment. Good luck!


Yep, for pay software, both of those or DVDFab Platinum would be my choices. :slight_smile:


That’s good to hear. The best combination I had good experience with was like your set but I also would include CloneCD just so that you can make 1:1 clone without out all the GUI or not. Usually software that is made by the same company works best when combined with another software that integrates both of them to work functionality together for proper burn or duplicating.


That’s a good setup but why use 3 programs for a single duplication when you can have two program doing the same process? True the two programs involves buying the program but then again your buying a quality software that is constantly updated with lastest software and support. Sometimes the price out weights have the troubleshooting as where the problems occur in the burn or ripping process. Free is good but as with most things if you purchase the product you know you will always get tech or email support from the manufacture as well that is something to take into consideration. Free shareware is good as well but your limited to the author releasing updates when the author has time to review the software and makes revision. Too many steps using too many programs can lead to some conflicts in software or hardware setup that won’t be noticed right away if there is trouble.


AnyDVD and CloneDVD are both good programs, they keep them updated and CloneDVD works quickly.

So you ask why use RipIt4Me+DVD Shrink+ImgBurn? Oh my, how will I ever figure it out with a third program thrown into the mix, all 3 programs which are well integrated with each other? :doh: 1) they are well integrated and work well with each other, as I mentioned. 2) free is less than $xx. If you like a program and want to buy it, that’s great, I’ve bought a number of programs even with the amount of freeware available today. 3) RipIt4Me is updated just as frequently as any Decryption program such as AnyDVD or DVDFab Decrypter. 4) RipIt4Me creates the cleanest, most compliant rips of any of the Decrypting programs. I have never had a single issue with the output from RipIt4Me not working properly with DVD Shrink, and therefore I’ve never personally had any desire for any kind of support. 5) DVD Shrink creates higher quality transcodes than CloneDVD, with the addition of options such as Deep Analysis and AEC settings. 6) ImgBurn and DVD Shrink in particular allow more control over how your discs are going to be compressed, offering more fine-tuning of what will get more compression and what will get less, also having functions such as ‘still frames’, ‘still image’, Re-author mode with trimming of the video, etc. 6) ImgBurn is a better burning program than using CloneDVD’s, CloneDVD has had occasional bugs in their burning process that created poor burns. Need more reasons?

AnyDVD/CloneDVD is a little bit simpler of a process, though the combination I mention is hardly difficult to use and all settings can be decided by DVD Shrink, so it’s up to the user to adjust compression settings or not. The whole process with the combination I mention can be as simple as roughly 6 button clicks - 1 click backup with RipIt4Me, when it’s done it will load up into DVD Shrink, click the backup button in DVD Shrink, choose the location to save, and if you want you can integrate DVD Decrypter to burn instead of ImgBurn, they are made by the same author and are about the same in burning functionality. You can set it up so that the disc will be burned as soon as DVD Shrink is done with the backup, removing another ‘step’ in the process. CloneDVD’s a bit faster in transcoding. You have support since you’re buying it (of course there’s also large amounts of support for the programs I mentioned on the internet in dedicated forums for them). Use whatever suits you best.


Look like the poster dropped the bombshell and never bother to get back to see all these good advised he got from members for his problem.