How do i set the screen proper

Hey all again, i am using firefox and have flash installed . On my desktop the screen is 17inch and when i browse the web the pages take up the whole screen. But i am using my laptop now and the pages do not come out right. Even this site is too small and there is a lot of room on the sides. How do i fix it. Thanks again

This site has been purposely designed to stay on the center, so everything is working correctly in your computer :slight_smile:

Many other webpages are designed to have a fixed width, so there is nothing to be worried about :slight_smile:

Geno is absolutely right.

Unfortunately there are so much different screens, screen resolutions and browsers it’s almost impossible to take everything into account when designing a website.

oh ok thanks gents. But with the first screen shot for example on my desktop whenever i go to that site the page takes up the whole screen but on my laptop it as you can see moved it to the left and i have room left over on the right. Hope that made sense.