How do I set the booktype in DVD Decrypter?



I have access to a LG GSA-4160B DVD Burner…I tried setting the book type for a DVD+R media in DVD Decrypter, but when I select LG and try to set the book type, it fails !! How do I successfully set the booktype for a DVD+R to DVD-ROM ??

secondly, I have seen people with a Sony DVD Burner, set the book type, by selecting Lite-On, instead of Sony. Why is this ?


You cannot! No LG support for BS!


Just to answer your 2nd question , many of the Sony DVD burners are in fact rebadged Liteons. That’s why that works.


Because your Lg maybe doesn’t support bitsetting. 2nd most sonys are rebadged, it means with other words you’ve a Liteon with a sony label on it.


And the sony pricetag to boot :wink:


And the crappy sony support to deal with :wink:


Holy $hit!
Sony provide support?
I thought it was just wishful thinking.


wow,…so many replies, thanx guys :slight_smile:

okie, just a little question…if LG doesnt support BS…then how come DVD Decrypter has a tab for LG ??


IIRC LG 4160B uses the [I]TDK[/I] chipset =[I]no bitsetting[/I].
The newer LG drives (4163B, 4167B) use [I]Renesas[/I] chipset =[I]bitsetting[/I]. That might be “the reason”.

Hope LG gurus will correct me if I’m wrong. :wink:

[I]Edit,[/I] linky


Looking at videohelp it should be renesas here


Then either cdrinfo or videohelp is wrong… I think the later. :wink:


I think videohelp is wrong, the TDK chipset is more logical to me regarding bitsetting in this case. But otherwise wouldn’t the R in front of the serial stand for renesas?!


Checking out LG FAQ it seems 4160B also uses a Renesas chip. Nevertheless, the main answer still stands the same; this drive doesn’t support bitsetting.

The interesting thing is, its external counterpart (5160D) supports bitsetting on +R and +R9. :confused:


ok, well, the other writer that i have access to is the Sony 810A (i think - but its definitely a newer Sony writer)…does this support bitsetting ?

and if it does, which company do i select to apply it ?




Yes with this you can change booktype, it’s a rebadged BenQ.



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This is an international forum, and there’s no guarantee the bulk of people are in your timezone.


This is an international forum, and there’s no guarantee the bulk of people are in your timezone.

hmmm…u have a point…sorries :stuck_out_tongue: