How do i set the 4163b to 66/100 DMA?

i connect the drive as a master on the secondary IDE with an 80 wires cable
it’s the only device on this cable.
when the PC is initializing (the DOS stat. table) it says the drive is 33 DMA
even after i set on the bios the IDE to be 66/100 …it was on AUTO…(3rd option is 33 DMA)

still after saving the settings on the BIOS, when initializing, it says 33 DMA
the drive the firmware is A103…
i have a Gigabyte GA-7NF-RZ NFORCE 2 M/B and there is no hidden bios on this one :frowning:

how do i set the LG to run in 66/100 DMA mode ?

You know, it is just possible that the drive operates in ATA 33 which is UDMA2. Many drives do this while others need UDMA4. I just unplugged my LG but I checked my NECs and they are UDMA2 which, as I recall, is ATA 33. I would suspect your drive is working as specified. Try it out and see if it is slow.

i’ll do some testing i gues…
i thought ATA 33 is too slow for X16 …it must have ATA 100 to do X16 (~10;000 kb/s)

thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

You have your numbers wrong, ATA33 is 33MB/sec, or 33,792KB/ sec.

The LG is running fine.

Optical drives are basically 33ATA (with the exception of Plextor and LiteOn). You cant change the DMA Settings to 66 or 100 on the GSA.

ATA XX means XX MB/s


In some reviews on the GSA-4163B on the web they quote them as UDMA4 although mine only works at UDMA2.
Yet My Panasonic Drive works at UDMA4, after firmware update (as it was UDMA2).
maybe they (LG) sent versions to testers with a higher transfer rate.

I doubt that you will find a 4163 with burst rate > 33 MB/s (At 16x you need approx. 22-23 MB/s).
I’d expect that the writer of the review did not pay enough attention.


These drives are 33 only.

Weird since the 4160 is UDMA4/ATA66.

my 4163b runs in UDMA4/ATA66.

Probably cos mine is a Hitachi OEM versus the more conventional LG units?

Even if they would produce UDMA 133 units, it would not change the drive’s performance since it cannot produce transfer rates > 33 MB/s.


That’s the point.