How do I set layer break for DL media?



I do not know how to set layer break in ImgBurn for DL media and when I clicked on burn than a layer break window pops open and I do not know what selection to make for this movie and all future movies so I could do this on my own in the future. I never ever once ever used DL media.


Please take a look here:


I just got done reading the guide when you posted the link and I read from the beginning down to how to preview which is the point I did not read and I am still not sure what layer break position to select. The preview will not help me any because I do not know what I am looking for to preview so I did not try it.


Anyone else could help me set the layer break for burning to DL?


What you preview is usually action.
If a motorcycle is doing a jump & flying through the air .
That’s not where you want the layer break.
If the scene is someone sleeping that is a good place for a layer break.

I think I would check “Seamless” but maybe Wombler or even LIGHTNING UK! will answer that.


I do not understand :frowning: could this be done automatic so I do not have to make any selections?


All of the selections that ImgBurn has will work.
They select the correct type frame to make the layer break.
What ImgBurn can’t determine is the actual scene .
As in the examples I posted the lower action scenes are the best place for a layer break but you might not be able to tell anyway .Any pause would be slight & quick.


Would DVDFab do this automatic? If yes than would the below steps work?

1.) Open DVDFab
2.) The top box select the VIDEO_TS folder DVDFab ripped
3.) Select the bottom box to save
4.) Select DVD9
5.) also make sure in Full Movie
6.) In settings tick the box for layer break
7.) Start
8.) When finish than burn with ImgBurn


Here are the images I PMed about.
The DVD I used is a burned SL but it should look about the same for a DL.

If your drive brand is on one of the tabs or you know it is a “rebaged” drive that is actually one of the brands . ImgBurn can Book Type set it.