How do I set Burner model and name it to burn in dvd ROM

hey everyone i have a question…i recently bought a Sony DRX-710UL external dvd burner and it takes forever to burn a DVD (over 4 hours). A friend told me but have it burn in ROM mode, however i’m not sure how to exactly set it to do that so if anyone can help me that would be great. My computer is a Dell Dimension 8200, with an intel pentium 4 CPU @ 1.80 GHz, with 256 MB of RAM. The operating system I use is Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!!

Wagner, this is all I can find by searching on your problem. First thing, is your external connected by Firewire or USB? If it can be connected via USB 2.0, try that. Also, (check the link) try updating the firmware or see if one’s available. That might get you started and the link might solve your problems. :wink:

(Edit) One caution I’ve also found: try to update the DRIVE’s firmware ONLY.

Bitsetting to -rom is not going to help you burn faster. I have seen in this forum others who have had problems with your particular unit. Do some searching in the forums, and you should find what you need. Some things to check, are to ensure that you are running in DMA mode. Check device manager.

I simply wanted to discuss the issue of dvd-rom.

I have a BenQ burner that I was sent the “Book Management exe.” from BenQ support so that I could insure that each time I burned; my back-ups would be in dvd-rom.

Each time I burn I minimize the Book Management to the task bar, and before I do this I insure that the destination disc is set for dvd-rom and then I use dvd shrink and nero. And even when I am doing a copy to copy with 1 click dvd copy I do the same process with the Book Management exe. and all of my media is burned in dvd rom and I have never had a problem with my back-ups playing on any stand alone dvd player, as dvd rom is pretty universally read.I even check the finished disc with the Book Management program exe. and insert the completed disc in the burner and it shows it as Dvd Rom.

In the case of this member’s Sony, is there a way for a burn to be set to burn in dvd rom?

I ask this question as
my son has a friend who has this model and is always asking me how he could get his Sony unit to burn in dvd rom. He uses Sony R+ discs that were recommended by Sony.

Does Sony have a support site for recommended media that it suggests for its burners?

I post this as an extension of what this member is inquiring about.

I would appreciate comments.

Thankyou. (I also realize that the dvd rom format is not going to improve on the speed but it is more often than not read by almost any player.)

Speed of burning is a whole other matter.

Cleary…Just set your Benq once and it will always set the booktype to DVD-ROM, you don’t have to do it each time.

For Sony(lite on it) booktype settings check out the lite on forum there is a lot of info for booktype setting and tweaks for those drives.