How do I send images

Would some one tell me how to send images in a post?
I have read the posts about inserting pics, or images but I still can’t get it. What is url? I tryed the insert image botton and nothing happened, or I didn’t do it right. As you can see I’m not a guru.
Please help.


You can attach images. This way the image is uploaded to our server and automatically included in your post. There are restrictions for this as far as file size and format.

Another way is to upload the image to a webserver (for example, the one from your internet access provider). The link to that image (often something like is then used with the image tags ( [ Img]) in this forum. This way, the image is not stored on our server, but will be visible in the post still.

URL is short for the link to the website (Uniform Resource Locator), for example

Thank you Da_Taxman. Your help is appreciated.

Another option is (free online image host) Once you upload your image(s), the site will even provide you the necessary links (url) to copy and past into a post.

PhotoBucket proved links:, by far the best free image host.

ben :slight_smile: