How do I rip DVD audio into a format my player will play



Im trying to play a DVD movie but the audio track is DTS which my player wont play :frowning: How can I convert this to a format my player will understand?


Is there no other audio stream available on the DVD?

Is this an original DVD , a copy or a conversion from avi etc.


No. Did have a look but thats the only stream available :frowning:

Its a back-up copy


The only time I ever had this issue was with a downloaded AVI file. I managed to extract the audio from the file, split/convert into 5 mono wav streams with Tranzcode (free) & re-assemble to DD 5.1 with Sonic Scenarist & them merged the 5.1 audio back.

To do it with a DVD you might have to extract the mpeg & them demux with something like TmpGenc & then do as I did & merge the 5.1 into the demuxed mpg & re-author. Not too complicated I guess but I don’t know any free software to do that.

There might be some guidance available on


Do you know of any software that you would pay for that would do the job


Probably cheaper to buy the original DVD. Can’t imagine that any original would have only DTS audio.

I’ll look further to see what I can find out about fixing your problem.


Right im in the process of extracting the DTS and convert it to an AC3 2 channel audio clip.

Now the next part, done a little google searching but not much has come up. Im looking for a program that will extract JUST the VIDEO then sync the AC3 audio and video clip so I can burn it back onto a DVD


You can accomplish this task with all freewares. Use PgcDemux to demux just the video, including celltimes.txt for chapters. Then use MuxMan to mux the video and AC3 together with chapters. Then use VobBlanker to replace the movie back into the DVD.