How Do I Rip A DVD To A CD?



:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: help me please i am trying to make a rip a dvd onto a cdr which i want to be a vcd and i need a dvd ripping freeware can you help me find one


dvd shrink


um i dont think that makes the image small enough for a cdr


hope that helps


This one might help as well.


none of those work


whats not working?


Use a program like DVD Decryptor to β€œdemux” the DVD (or DVD files on yoru computer) to separate audio and video streams. Then you can use a program like TMPGEnc to convert these files into VCD or SVCD compliant video. Then you can use a burning program like Nero to make the final disc. The following links provide information on the process:;32

Good luck.


no i want to encode a dvd into vcd small enough to fit on a disc


That’s exactly what he explained how to do.