How do I restrict this drive to playback dvd's at 1x or 2x

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Just a quick question. I have a nec 2500a running herries b5 firmware. This drive is used in my htpc and for the first time I watch a dvd movie with it last night. Unfortunately the drive was putting out quite a bit of noise (more than the rest of the pc) What I basically want to know is how do I restrict the drives read speed to 1x or 2x while playing back dvd movies?

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One of the advantages of Herries firmwares is the removal of riplock. You want riplock, so the riplock patch has to be removed from the firmware. Ask Herrie, if he will do this ESPECIALLY for you! :wink:

wow what a quick reply thanks for that. Oh damn you serious theres no way to have both? This could cause a problem because I’d like the drive at full speed for dvdshrink etc but slowed down for dvd playback

No, sorry, I don’t know a solution that is able to recognize whether you watch a DVD or rip it. :confused:

If I’m correct, DVD playback is ALWAYS done @1x!

You’re right according my JLMS XJ-HD 166S DVD-ROM. But it is definitely not true for my NEC with riplock disabled! When I insert a burned Video-DVD, the noise is not recognizeable (due to the slow 3x-8x CAV). But when I insert a pressed disc, you can clearly recognize the noise (5x-12x CAV).

Are you aware of the program cd-bremse? It can be found at

The text is in German but the program is in English when you install it. It can do what you want (you probably have to turn it on and off), but my NEC 2500A is always silent when ripping or plying back.


I know CD-Bremse, but I didn’t know the 2xx0A is supported, because it is not on the drive list:

No. CD-Bremse can’t control DVD read of 2500A. At least mine can’t, so unless there’s a new version…

Nero DriveSpeed works, but in a little bit weird way. The command isn’t so strong so even if I set it at 2x CLV, it goes above 2x. But if I try to send many command then wait ~1 min, eventually it works. I don’t know what’s going on there. ( CD Bremse works in 1 second, and the drive never violate it. Just… it doesn’t support 2500A.)

I haven’t tried, as I don’t have any problems myself, but you are probably right regarding CD-Bremse.

Update: You are not right - on my setup, CD-Bremse 1.34 works nicely with my NEC 2500A (1.07v2beta4) at least for 2xCLV. The options in CD-Bremse is 1,2,4 CLV and 5 CAV for DVD’s but the CD part is greyed out…

Did you use the tab for locking? I did…

Hmm… I’m using CD bremse 1.35 and 1.07v2b5 firmware.

In my setup, it is the opposite.
The CD part shows 4xCLV - 40x CAV selection. (Though I haven’t tested if it works, I assume it does.) But the DVD part is greyed out.
For my 166s both parts are selectable.

Nero DriveSpeed shows 1,2,4 CLV and 5 CAV as you said. (In fact, it shows more… like 3x or 0x(??) but I can’t set it there. If 3x is selected, in reality 2x is chosen.)

@ I can’t reboot my computer for a while so I can’t test v2b4. Can anyone report when CD Bremse works and when it doesn’t?


What firmware do you use? Has it riplock disabled? Otherwise it would be normal to lock the speed @2x and CD-Bremse wouldn’t have changed anything.

wow didn’t think this would be a tricky thing to do as I remember in the old days pioneer used to have a program that would enable and disable this function. I’ll keep a close eye on this thread and hopefully we can work out some solid way of doing this as I thought it would be fairly common

As written, I use Herrie’s v1.07v2beta4, which is without speed lock. If you look at the figures closely, you can see that the read curve starts higher and drops down to 2x - perhaps is this the influence of the lock speed button?

I cannot explain. :confused: It is perhaps kind of unfair it works on my system, as I will never use it again…

According the firmware, I didn’t read you last posting carefully enough… :o

I’m using the 2.16 firmware for the ND-2510A on my ND-2500A and in CD-Bremse 1.35 the DVD speeds are greyed out… :confused:

I don’t care though, because I’ll never want to use it anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

The speed limitation options inside of CD-DVD speed work for me on my NEC 2500A.