How do I repair a corrupt WMA file?

I’ve got a film in ASF/WMA format on my harddrive and I’m trying to convert it to DVD format using WinAVI. It keeps stopping at 18% (16 minutes-ish into the film) When I try to play this file in Windows Media Player or WinAmp the playback stops at this same point- around 16 minutes. I can drag the playback bar past this point and it plays fine but it just wont ‘‘play through’’ this part of the file.
Windows Media Player said it was a corrupt file. I did a bit of searching and there are programs out there that claim to be able to repair corrupt video files. Is this true?! They seem quite expensive though so if anyone might happen to know a cheap (free?!?!) reliable alternative I’d be very appreciative.
I hope that made sense!

This won’t help you.

Please use the original source.

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