How do I repair a corrupt RAR archive?

Please suggest a software to repair corrupt RAR files.

see this guide , keep in mind currupt means some file/s in the archive are incomplete so naturally youll be able to recovery some of the file/s but not all

That didn’t help.

Is it possible to check the integrity of an archive before downloading it?


Try Advanced Rar Repair, it may help.
If memory serves, DAP has a function for checking integrity of archives, and of downloading only selected files from them.

do a google search, you can find heaps of rar repairs or try this link:

Depending on where you downloaded the files, maybe there are some PAR files. If you have a program like Quick PAR, you can use the par files to repair the file. when you Dl from newsgroups there usually always par files. If you downloaded from p2p and the person didn’t add a recovery record, i don’t think there’s anything you can do.

Without redundant recovery data within the corrupted archive you never ever can retrieve all the data or repair it.
The only exception would be a corrupted header instead of corrupted data.


You can repair your corrupt RAR file manually. It is not a big process, it involves very easy steps. The steps are:

[li]Open WinRAR application
[/li][li]Click on file, and then select open
[/li][li]A find archive window will be opened, select corrupt zip file from your system
[/li][li]Click on open button
[/li][li]Press Alt+R
[/li][li]Repairing File will be opened
[/li][li]Click on browse to save repaired file at desired location
[/li][li]Check Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP box, and then click OK
[/li][li]After corrupt ZIP archive is repaired, click on close.

If your file is highly corrupted and you need to use software then you can use additional software. I am recommending because i have used software to repair my PDF file. My PDF file got corrupted due to virus attack.


i think that’s impossible, CMIIW