How do I remove tags from MP3's?

Hello. I have a few thousand MP3’s in hundreds of directories. I need to batch remove ALL of the tags from ALL of the files in one step. It would take days for me to go through each file, or even each directory. I need something where I can select the top directory where all the other directories and files are, and just remove the tags with one click. I’ve searched the web far and wide, but have found nothing. Perhaps some of you know more than me (which I’m sure is the case) so any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank You!

I have found the correct program. For those interested, it is called “PZ TagEditor 5.0”

Most tagging programs ought to be able to do it.

I know MP3 Tag Studio can.

A standalone commandline program: [B]Tidymp3[/B] (22kB)
only to be used for mp3’s, no ape flac wma or other