How do I remove some of a VOB file?



I need to cut out about 10 secs. of a DVD file on my hard drive. I no longer have the original. About 10 secs in the middle of a chapter are very pixalated and sometimes the DVD players won’t go past it. I can skip it altogether of course and the 10 secs are not relevent, however the rest of the chapter is.
Is there any way to remove the damaged portion without disturbing the rest of the video? Ant help would be appreciated. Thanks. :bow: I would of course be grateful.


That normally means it shouldn’t be on your hdd anymore, according to the rules. :rolleyes:

The real problem is either cheap media or a bad burner.


I do not think the OP mentioned that the file was copyrighted so that would be fine if it is not copyrighted material. I believe you can google a tool called VobBlanker to solve your issue.


The material is not copyrighted! It is a copy of a close friends wedding reception and I would like to preserve my copy. I have VOB blanker in my arsenal of tools but I do not know how to remove any sections of a VOB file only the whole file. I would love to see a tutorial on how to remove a few seconds.


OK, I stand corrected. :wink:


Oops. Chef already linked the guide I knew about.


Thanks for the link. I seem to have resolved the issue through the use of that guide.


Hello Chef ,
I have read the above posts with the greatest interest and thank You for the precious information You have been kind enough to provide . I must admit i’m not at all an expert but simply an amateur who has up to now learned a few things that have been of a great help to me thanks to your great experience and knowledge . I have now a single question that might seem stupid or not at all in connection with the subject of this forum at your eyes and I apologize for this but nevertheless I would like to have your qualified advice about this suggestion :
When bumping into the same problem as bentcue 007 , isn’ it easier to use TEMPGEnc Author or am I missing here something obvious to You that I’ m too stupid to see?
I would appreciate your comments on this subject if this isn’ t wasting your time .
Thank you very much in advance .
Fanaudi . :slight_smile:


fanaudi, no problem. :wink:

To cut something out of an mpeg video, I probably would first try with TMPGEnc and TMPGEnc DVD Author. If that would fail, my next try would probably with dvd-lab.
There are soo many nice and good tools out there.
A good selection can be found at and on sites like digital-digest and

Hope that helps you.


Thank you very much for your quick answer and for the links, Chef .
Now that It seems I wasn’ t mistaken about TMPGEnc(DVD Author), I would say that it also handles video_ts files and , among other possibilities , is incredibly easy for creating chapters . You can also adjust audio when necessary (a pity Dolby AC3 is not free ). It also includes a burning tool but I then prefer Nero Recode .
I will now go and give a look at the sites you kindly forwarded to me .
Best regards ,
Fanaudi :slight_smile: