How do I remove region lock? (ND-3550A)

According to the Nero InfoTool I have a Nec ND-3550A DVD Burner and whenever I play a DVD from a different region the player (WinDVD) will ask me to change the region. But I can only do this so many times. Is there a way to remove the region lock permanently so that I can play any DVD with this drive and not have to worry about it locking?

I’ve been looking around and I think my only solution is a new Firmware or patch, but I have no clue where to start or which one to get for my drive. I’m sorry if these questions have been asked but could you please help me with this problem?


You can flash with one of the RPC-1 firmwares from : and then install either regionkiller or DVDGenie to make your system rpc-free.

The alternative would be to use a software solution like AnyDVD or dvd region+css free.

Which RPC-1 firmware should I choose for my drive? And am I correct to assume that after the flash and instalation of DVDGenie or RegionKiller, I will not be prompted to change my region?

3550: Liggys 1.05 RPC-1 or Dee’s 1.Y5 RPC-1 would be my preference. Then just install either Regionkiller or DVDGenie and your whole sys is rpc-free.

I installed Dee’s 1.Y5 RPC-1 firmware but my drive is still region 1 and only has one change left. I installed DVD Genie also. If I go to device manager and click on the drive, the the DVD region tab, it says my drive is region 1 and I have 1 change left. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

Flashing a RPC-1 firmware is only half the job.
You must also install a tool like DVDGenie or Regionkiller!


I already installed DVD Genie. Any thoughts?

Then disable it and check the region again.