How do I remove copy protection from downloaded music?


How would I go about removing the copy protection from downloaded music?

I am trying to burn music I downloaded onto a CDR and have tried a CDRW, but it won’t let me do this, as it says it is copy protected.

I have searched high and low on google, but each software I come up with is mainly related to DVD or CD disc copy protection.

I even played the tracks on my pc and recorded it using Live Sound Recorder (that has worked in the past), but on this occasion, even that hasn’t done the job.

Software I have tried is Nero, Windows, Real, Roxio, and other downloaded software (can’t remember all the names).

I have in the past used AnyDVD (and I think there is one to do with CDs), but I cannot use it again as the trial has finished. I am loathe to pay for it, if it doesn’t do what I am hoping it will do.

I managed to copy the music to my MP3 player, but really want it on CDR as well.

Hope someone can help.

Please forgive me if this has already been asked … I may be going senile … but I cannot fnd a thread on this particular topic. :doh:


Would be helpful to know what and where you downloaded it (or, if you have this information, what kind of copy protection is used)


I downloaded it using Napster under the free trial, so it is legal. But I hadn’t got round to copying it over to cd, when the trial ended. I didn’t realise once it ended I couldn’t do this.

Hope this helps.

Just another quick reply, I wasn’t being a lazy newbie. I had searched this website, to the best of my ability looking for the information I needed. I cannot sit for a long time at the pc searching, as it causes me a lot of pain, due to my disabilities. I posted as a last resort. Hope that clarifies I am not one of the lazy ones :slight_smile:

Your elabroate story gave it away that you were not one of the lazy ones, but solutions often depend on the copy protection…hence my question (not questioning the legitimacy of your post). Unfortunately, I know nothing of this matter and I hope someone else may be able to help you out.

I believe this will do the job for you.


I just realised that is standard on your message replies, sorry for jumping at you and thanks for replying.

Thanks for this, will let you know how I get on :slight_smile:

Ahhhhh, your prayer has been answered…I hope.
Anyhow, this program is working very good for me, you don’t have to play and then record the songs and it’s all done in one real easy step…or very close to it.

Sure it’s $14.90 but it is very much well worth it. I downloaded some protected songs from one of the online stores and once my free trial was over, i couldn’t even play the songs anymore. I just reregistered with another email and started playing the songs again which is the key to this program as the fils must be able to play in WMP before you can convert them. You don’t even have to play the whole song as long as WMp recognizes it, that’s all you need.
So here’s how the program works…play just a little bit of each song you want to convert, import it into the program and then convert. EASY as that…FOR REAL. I convert whole albums at a time.

This should be the answer to everyone’s prayers.

It will not however convert files downloaded from shareware programs.

Tunebite may be what you are looking for. They provide a free trial.

Hey, I have the same problem, but I downloaded from Any help?

See if this YouTube helps you:

how do I remove the copy rights from free downloads on music that I got from spiralfrog? Am I just out of luck or is there a solution? please help…thanks

If you watch the YouTube I posted you should be able to do it.
I don’t have any files to try this so I can’t say it works.
Simply put in the YouTube video
1.He uses Nero to make an image file of the protected download.
So you need software that will make an image file from the downloaded file.
2. A virtual drive to mount the image file in.
3. A converter software to convert the file on the virtual drive,He converts to .mp3 but if what you use will convert to .wav or .flac there should be no quality loss.
Like I posted I haven’t tried the method .I get my music in other ways.I would be interested to know if the method works.