How Do I remove certain areas of dvd backup?

I see the areas that I can uncheck…but how do I know what is what? Essentially I just want to back up the movie and the chapter selections. I can not really tell what sections on the dvd are these areas. Also, I want to remove all of the foreign language audio options,(ect…anything outside of the movie and chapter seletions). Again, just basically want the movie and the chapters selections. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

To get what you want, do this:

1.) Click the first button “copy dvd titles”. CloneDVD will select the movie automatically. (There are exceptions, like TV episodes on DVD, but this should be obvious).
To get the chapter selection
2.) Click the “preserve menus” Checkbox.

… and you’re done!

very nicely put Tru!

I was going to suggest:

open CloneDVD
click on help