How Do I Record

I Was Wondering How Do I Record A Certain Amount Of Time Of A Movie…If That Doesn’t Make Sense I Hope This Example Makes Sense…

So I Got A AVI I Made And I Want To Record The First 20 Mins.

What Program/Programs Wound Do This.

Thanks In Advance


Almost any video editing app will do that.

whats a good video editing app??

Like harley posted, there are many apps for editing (cutting, trimming) video files.
The [B]videohelp[/B] website has a list of many to choose from.
For avi files, recently I have been using AviDemux with good results, but the UI is takes a little time to work out if you are a new hand to editing video files. There is a new version of AviDemux out now.
Keep trying out different programs until you find one you like.