How do I record streaming (PC radio) audio media to CD?


I listen to radio broadcasts on my PC that I would like to convert to CD. Usually they are not mp3, and often do not show up on my playlists later.

I have Nero 6, MS Windows Media Player, and Quintessential Player.

Please help me figure this out, and keep in mind that I am a real newbie.


You can use Streambox VCR to record streaming media.

Total recorder can work as well, but that records all sounds from your PC (even clicks).

Unfortuantely, this did not work for me - I think that I did it right. The download is
@ mms://;1.000;0;0;1:2. The file is a 3,239 KB file that named itself ‘rym20040427[1]ligonier.dat’.
I found it in a temporary folder.
I copied it to my playlist, but none of my players will play it.

erumuda, try using dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC) it’s often called a Swiss army knife of Audio, they also have many Codec’s for it you can download and a Auxiliary Input that can record and convert to Mp3 so you can burn it on to a CD.

I am having a miserable time finding a media player that will play
(no less burn) *.dat audio files. So far I have tried MS Media Player, Quinessential, Winamp, Streambox, dBpowerAmp, & Core Media Player.

It stored itself in a temporary folder and named itself:
‘rym20040427[1]Ligonier.dat’ - it is a 3,239 KB audio file. I have put it on the playlists for all these players, but they rarely are even visible.

Any good ideas?


@ erumuda the audio file you are trying to play and burn what dose it finish with ??? dose the name of the audio file finish with .dat ??? Audio files in .dat format are used in VCD or Karaoke CD’s
I can’t understand why it doesn’t play for you in dBpowerAmp :confused: , I just went to the web site you posted @ mms:// played the streaming audio media from the Net in my Windows media player, saved it to my HD in Mp3 format , it played in all my media players, WinAmp, iTUNES, Musicmatch Jukebox RealOne Player, dBpowerAmp with out any problems and with Nero I burnt it onto a CD, :slight_smile:

I am able to play it off of the net with MS Media Player, but it will not store to my playlist; that is why I did a search and found it in a temporary file - with extention *.dat. Maybe I just do not have my player set up quite right. Thanks for the info.

@ erumuda, go to the dBpowerAmp web site and down load the .dat codec for your player and it should work

I tried several times yesturday, but the VCD - *.dat Codec would not load, the site said they did not have it fully developed. Thanks for all the good suggestions.

Since what you want is just voice, you can do it the old fashioned way: Audio Grabber and record from the sound card as it plays or use an audio cassette recorder in Line Out!

I guess I am a real idiot because I tried caputuring that stream 5 times today, and it only saves it as a *.dat file that nothing seems to play. Am I really that stupid, or could there be settings that I have wrong?

i will do some tests myself as i thought the codec was working. i will talk to the developer about it.

@ Razgo , the Codec works just fine there is no problem with it and it also installs it self in the correct folder just by clicking on it, I can’t work out how erumuda was trying to install it but I tried it a few times thinking the file might of been corrupt but it’s OK and worked every time.

thanks coathi, yes i am thinking perhaps the original music file just wasn’t being downloaded in the first place and was being corrupted. either way i guess until he comes back to report success nothing to do for now.

The .dat file that Windows Media Player produces are useless. They are RAW stream data. There is no header, index, timecode, etc. data inside the .dat file. All that info is downloaded from the server in realtime. This is done to prevent exactly what you guys are trying to do.

What you need is SDP. Available at
This program pretends to be a music player and streams the media from the MMS server but will also let you save .ASF files.

Note that SDP will not work will DRM or otherwise encrypted or protected files.


ok, in the case of actually recording to another format of any choice whilst streaming, dbpoweramp cannot currently live stream. however the developer made an excellent utility called “auxiliary input” found here: release 3 bottom of page or you can get the latest beta version (recomended) from here: bete release 4

in this case you play the live stream with example: WMP and simply start recording using auxiliary input to any chosen format.

Thanks for the Info and the link dbernat32 it might be useful one day, but as Razgo was saying the “auxiliary input” from dBpowerAmp site will also do it and save it as well in Mp3, I been using it for years and found it to work very well. We could see that erumuda was going the wrong the way about trying to save the LiveStream and at the start of the post I did post the Web Site where he could down Load the “auxiliary input” and the site also has all the info on it, but I guess he didn’t read the post and the info on the site correctly and kept trying to play the file he fished out from his temporary folder, I can’t understand why he kept trying that approach :confused: .
I found most times all the info and how to use it is on the site and in the help files, you down load the software from , it’s just a lot of people don’t take the time to read it all.