How do I record interviews over the PC (mic + earphone sound together)?

I would like to be able to record interviews that I do over my PC with a headset. I would like to be able to record these interviews so that both my questions and their answers (the conversation) is captured as an audio file.

More importantly I want to be able to do this over any software medium, any package, essentially what I hear in my earphones, what I say through my mic, even if they overlap, I want that in one digital audio stream.

What I find is that just using my motherboard’s soundcard is not enough. I think I need something more but I don’t have a clue what I need. I don’t mind purchasing hardware to do this but can anyone please suggest what I need to do. I know this is possible because their are many customer support services that are able to record support calls although I want to do this in my PC even if i need some extra hardware.

Any help is appreciated

I’m not sure what to use but here is some legal advice:
You need to inform anyone you are recording especially Audio that you are recording them.
Most states have laws that require both notification & permission.

Well thanks for the legal tip but its more complex than what you presented. Anyhow anyone know how this is done?


Allows you to control what is recorded or just record it all.