How do I record Audio ( novideo)?

I have nero 6 OEM

How do I record Audio ( novideo)?

If the Wave editor component is included, use that to record, and then take the resulting into an Audio CD project.

How do you do that? Assuming he wants the audio from a video source (mpeg2?)

I’ve stream processed the audio from a few music dvd’s to .vob files that showtime can play… but what do you do to convert those to .mp3 or cd audio?

In my full version of Nero, wave editor doesn’t read vob files. Can the nero suite make all the conversions, or do you need aditional software?

Wait a minute. Maybe recode can make ND .mp4’s out of the vob, and then those can be read by wave editor? I’m gonna try that.

Nope. Showtime plays the audio-only .vob’s, but recode encounters errors trying to import them.

At cross purposes, I think, I was assuming external reording.

For DVD audio ripping, step one is to rip the DVD using your vavourite ripper, like Decrypter.

Then use graphedit and filters.

Or - use Decrypter to demux the AC3 audio directly, and the the AC3 plugin from to enable Nero to read it.

Not tried it, but if that works, it should be about the easiest way to rip audio from a DVD.