How do I recognise protected WMA

Hi there,

Made the mistake to reccored some of my music collected using Windows Media Player.
I heard that this means that the wma files are protected.

I have copied in total 130 cd’s using a mixture of Media Player 7 and Music Match 7… but do not know which program was used for which cd!

How do i differentiate protected wma’s from non-protected wma’s? :confused:
(need to make sure that i re-record the cd’s using MM instead!)



I reckon if you open it in unfuck then it will tell you?

I can’t verify this because I don’t use WMA at all. Good luck unfucking :slight_smile:

I just had a look at the unfuck page, it says that it only outputs the WMA’s as WAV then re-encodes them. That’s pretty lame.

Now I doubt that it will idenitfy protected WMA’s. Sorry.

aren’t all WMA files protected??
That is why they invented it…

No they’re not all protected. But if you make a WMA in Media Player 8 then it’s protected by default. Look in the Options, under “Copy Music” there’s an option to “Protect content”