How do I recognise protected WMA

Hi there,

Made the mistake to reccored some of my music collected using Windows Media Player.
I heard that this means that the wma files are protected.
How do i differentiate them from non-protected wma’s?
(need to make sure that i re-record the cd’s using MM instead!)



I am not totally sure, but I think cdex from can encode your protected wma`s back to wave.
Next time you encode some music, be sure to use cdex, the lame codec, and the r3mix preset, this will give you very good sounding files. :slight_smile:

If nothing else works, you can convert your wma files to wave files with Winamp, by selecting the diskwriter plugin.


thanks for that… the issue is that i do not know which cd’s have been encoded with Media Player and which ones were done with MusicMatch. I have encoded about 130 cd’s and do not want to do the whole work all over again.
how can i check it??

My aim is to put all these cd’s on cd-r in wma format and use the rio-port mp3/wma player to listen to most i my music collection whilst travelling!



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