How do I read the PI/PIF tests?



I have absolutely no idea how to read these tests. I just burn, do a surface test in Nero and if it plays fine on my dvd player, then I pass it as good. I want to get into the nerd aspect of fine burning to see if my burns are actually good.

Here are two tests I just did with DVDInfo Pro. Good or Bad?


A little search would have answered you question :wink:

Interpreting PI/PO Error Scans.


so my burn’s are crap? It saids in that thread, a disc with 1664 PI is bad. That’s pretty much where my second test is at. :frowning:


It’s defined with 280 per ECC block and not the total sum of PI errors, the scans are pretty good :iagree:


damn, only pretty good? Thought I had the best media. Hmmm, tried 2 more tests of a different disc than the 2 previous tests with different programs. I think it looks good :confused:

On that Nero test it has a quality score. what the heck is a 93 which mine scored? I wish there was a program that would just perform all the necessary tests, then upon completion, have an audio clip saying either “Shitty burn”, or “Great burn!”


this is a great burn and Nero CD/DVD Speed tells you if it is great quality with a quality score around 100 and if it is around 0 then it is complete carp.

check out this thread to get more info about Nero CD/DVD Speed.