How do I read 2nd session of a cd?



I have the Surfacing CD by Sarah McLachlan.

When I put the CD in my Vista (Home Premium) machine, I get a listing of 14 Track##.cda files plus a desktop.ini file.

According to EAC, track 11 of the cd is a data track. (27:15 275.06MB)

According to Nero 8 Express Essentials disc info, tracks 1-10 are in session 1. Session 2 is track 11 and is listed as Hybrid (mode 2)

How can I get to the files in the second session? Autoplay on this cd only plays the songs. Is there a way to tell my drive to look at the second session?

Oh, if it helps, my drive is Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A (Lableflash multidrive that came with my Gateway GT5628)


Actually, I have found the problem - EAC. I exited EAC and put several CDs back in and now I can see the second session.