How do I put tracks into a one hour seminar recording?



I have a one hour recording of a seminar that I taught, and I want to cut it into tracks so it is not just one giant run on recording (some people’s cd players take it back to the beginning of the track when they turn their car on, like mine does!)

I recorded and edited it in Sony Sound Forge Studio 8, but can’t find how to cut tracks into it. I also own Nero 7 Ultra.

Will either of these do it? and if so, how?


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This will probably be better answered in the Audio section - I’ll transfer it now…


Perhaps Audacity can help you edit them into separate files and you could burn them to a disc in tracks with Nero. Nero does include SoundTrax, but I don’t like it… Plus Audacity is free/open source!!!


If you have Nero 7, Wave Editor will do it. Open the 1 hour recording and copy each part. Then paste into a new file. Zoom in as many times as you like to get better accuracy (start/end times).