How do I put multiple CDs onto one DVD (complicated)

I am combining the data from 7 CDs to of my mad magazine collection. The problem is, that each CD has a “CD.ID” file (where it says “cdnum=1”, or “cdnum=2” etc). I can only have one CD.ID file on the iso, meaning that only the files associated with whatever cdnum=? registers on the whole iso.

So basically if the CD.ID file says “cdnum=1” only CD1 mad magazines are accessible, and if it says cdnum=2 only CD2 mad magazines are accessible and so on.

Does this make any sense? Is there a way to have multiple CDID files on the iso, or change it so it doesn’t need to check for it or all CD #s register? Right now I have 7 separate ISOs and I don’t want to mount all of them, I’d rather mount 1 large iso, how can I combine them.

I am trying to figure this out and it doesn’t work.

I would just make images of each disc, burn them on a DVD and then mount the one I need with DaemonTools. :wink:

I think that is what I will do, It is just frusturating looking at the Super Specials, as each article (which are taken from previous versions) asks for the specific disk (they didn’t rescan them).

Thanks, by the way!