How do I put DVD RIPS on CD to watch on my DVD player?

I am totally new to this.
I have created a DVD rip which is in AVI format.
What I want to do is put it on a CD so that I can watch it on my DVD player. How do I do this as I have noticed I will have to change the AVI format to DVX (my DVD player supports this)

Also the file is slightly larger than 700 MB and a CD is only 700 MB. How do I overcome this problem.

I have tried via explorer to copy the file onto a CD rom but this does not work.

I am probably on totally the wrong lines here so any help appreciated!

Thanks and regards,


I am sure you meant that you created a backup for personal use that you want on CD, because you don’t have a DVD writer, you wouldn’t want to break forum rules and get us in trouble…

Have you read our tutorials section? There you will find several tutorials on creating video CDs (which is what you need)

Although we have a great tutorial section, there’s no tutorial on this subject :slight_smile:

There are a few ways to overcome this problem:

  1. If the file is not that much over 700MB, you could try to overburn it. The overburncapacity depends on the media you use; the only way to find out how for you can go, is to try! Be sure to enable overburning in your burning software and off you go!

  2. Use an 800MB CDR :slight_smile:

  3. Cut the AVI file. If the AVI file has useless fragments (such as the pre/end titles of a movie), you can cut these off with VirtualDub.

  4. Re-encode the AVI file at a slightly lower bitrate. I wouldn’t recommend this, as it takes lot of times and may give poor results if the wrong settings are used.

  5. Burn a datadisc in mode 2, so you can fit more on a single disc. Only problem with this is, that the error correction ain’t that good. so be careful with the disc.

Well… plenty of options I’d say. Just let us know if you run into problems or so :slight_smile: