How do I put a Video_TS folder onto a DVD?

I’ve already used Allok converter to change my video to DVD format, that is vob files and an ifo in a video_ts folder, but now I can’t for the life of me figure out how to put the folder onto a DVD. I tried Nero with no luck, and I’ve tried DVD shrink, although I’m not sure if that’s what I need since I think DVD shrink is supposed to shrink files, but mine is already less than 4.7 gb. All I need to do is get my video_ts folder onto a dvd. How do I do that?

Use ImgBurn… open the VIDEO_TS folder in ‘Build’ mode.

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In nero you simply need to create a new compilation [B]Video DVD[/B], and [U]not a data disc[/U].

In Video DVD nero will automatically create the VIDEO_TS folder, and you need only to put all VOB, IFO and BUP files on that folder

:doh: too slow… [B]imkidd[/B] was faster :stuck_out_tongue:

No that’s a good method too… :slight_smile:

Really? I’ll try that then. I saw that just a few seconds ago, but I figured since mine wasn’t an img or iso and all… I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

Yes it’s a subtle feature of ImgBurn which is not widely known. It will create a virtual ISO image and burn it; seemingly all at the same time.

Geno’s suggestion is equally relevant though, seeing as you have Nero…

ImgBurn is a faster solution indeed :iagree:

It automatically identifies files as the content of a VIDEO_TS folder, and it asks you if you want to create a video DVD or a data disc.

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Putting an VIDEO_TS folder with dvd content on a DATA DVD makes it becoming a VideoDVD. :wink:

I used Nero and selected DVD ISO/UDF. Burned my VIDEO_TS folder. Nero said it would not be DVD Video compliant. I thought that was BS but my disc would not play on a set top box. I then chose DVD-Video in Nero and it created a VIDEO_TS folder. I copied my files in, burned and it worked. Thought this was quite strange. Has something to do with where exactly some of the files are located physically on the disc.

UDF is the standard Filesystem choice for DVD, not UDF/ISO.