How do i put a mpeg movie on my hard drive on a dvd that will play in my player?

Hi, I want to put a movie in mpeg format on my hard drive onto a dvd that will play in my dvd player, how do i do it?? in detail if possibe thanks.

How big is the file? If it is smaller, you can just use a burning program capable of burning vcd and burn it onto a cd-r (assuming it is mpeg1). For mpeg2 you would do svcd if memory serves. I am trying to figure out something similar. If it is bigger or you just want to go dvd (most dvd players do vcd just fine though), someone recomended dvd lab to me. I haven’t checked it out yet but I have tryed it in nero. You just tell it to create a dvd movie and it takes you through the steps. When it gives you an option to add files to the compilation, you just use your mpeg files.

There are tutorials on this site. I’ll go get the link