How do i put a movie on my cell phone?



Not sure if this is the right place to start this thread but I have tried other sites and no one wants to help. I know that this site has very helpfull people. Ok here is what is going on I have a nokia 5300 XpressMusic phone and I have no idea how to put a movie on my phone.I know how to make back ups of my DVD collection (thanx to this site) so there is no problem there. I tried using CloneDVDMobile but what do I do after that? Well I know there is someone out there that can help so thanx in advance for your help…


Try Super,


Why do you want to put movie in your cell Pnone?, does your cell phone have atleast 4.3 GB free space hard drive or storage capacity?.


Maybe he means video clips…

  1. You need a connector to connect your cellphone. This is usually a USB cable
  2. You need to convert the movie into a suitable format like 3gp or mp4 (depending on what all your phone supports)
  3. Copy it to the phone (assuming you have a SD card or in built memory) - the drive should show up in explorer when you connect the phone


ok thanks I will try that. oh and yes I have a 8 gig sd card just in case your wondering if I have enough space to put the movie. its not that Im really going to watch movies all day on me cell it would be fun just to do and show people.


Pinnacle’s Mobile Media Converter will also convert your Video_TS , .avi, DivX and other files to several different cel phone formats; works pretty well, and the files are only 240 - 450 megs or per full movie; I have Babel and A Scanner Darkly on my 1GB microSD card and still have plenty of room for pictures, music, etc. MMC is about $20 US retail.

To get the movie onto your phone you’ll actually have to sync it; just dragging and dropping it from Explorer works sometimes, but to ensure it works every time open ActiveSync (I assume you have a SmartPhone) and sync the file that way.


I use Nero to transcode/shirnk a dvd for phone use. After I’ve ripped the dvd to my hd, I fire up Nero and use the “mobile avc” profile to make a 4.3 GB movie a 180 MB movie. There are other ways to do this, but this is what I use, and have no problems whatsoever.

If you have Nero, post/pm back and I’ll try to to respond later tonight or tomorrow with specific instructions on how to do this (short on time right now).



Thanks for all the help.