How do I preserve the dual audio when burning avi to DVD?

I have an .avi file that’s dual audio. Is there a way to preserve both audio tracks when burning it onto a DVD? Thanks.

I’m not sure what you mean by dual audio. Do you mean that it has two seperate audio tracks. Whatever audio your avi is in, as long as you don’t change it during the encoding/authoring stage, it shouldn’t go away.

Yeah, an avi file with 2 audiotracks. I doubt it is legal (release) - never have seen an legal dual audio file…

By using nandub you can deal with it as avi, good authoring tools should be able to handle both audio tracks anyway…

I tried Nero 7, but it doesn’t seem like it keep the second audio when it transcodes.

DVD Lab Pro will allow multiple audio tracks. 30 day trial available

Yeah, I have DVDLab Pro, but it won’t import the avi files with two audio stream. Another forums suggested that I rip the audio with Vdubmod, then import both audio tracks to DVDLab, so that’s what I’m going to do. Anyways, thanks for the replies.

Encode the avi to DVD 1st… as DVD Lab is just for authoring and has no encoding/conversion capabilities. I think another free option is to use ReJig in DVD Author mode, just add both audio tracks along with your M2V file ( I seem to remember that working the one time I tried it)

DVD2SVCD converting AVI to DVD will retain both audio tracks if you select the 2 and will author them ready to burn out.