How do I play the ripped DVD without navigating

I am hoping you guys can help me out. I want to save all my DVDs to my hard drive and be able to play them back on my TV using microsoft vista. What steps do I need to take? After using DVDFab PlatinumNow, I have a folder with two folders called Audio_TS and Video_TS. This is where I get confused. I can play the movie if I click on VIDEO_TS.IFO file, but how do I get the movie to play automatically ? What do I need to do? Does not make sense that i need to navigate the folder to play the DVD.

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Unless I’m missing something, you are normally supposed to give a computer instructions on what to do. This would include your choice of video playback.

Automatically? You want your files/date on your pc system to play automatically when you click on them or see them in a map? Autostart doesn’t work that way :slight_smile: I would advise against using autorun/autostart on harddisk folders.

You will always require a playback tool like Windows media player to enable playing the data.

Maybe a Jedi Mind Trick? :slight_smile:

If you want to play just the movie, the best you can do is to “re-author” it leaving only what you want to keep and instead of burning to discs sent it to the HDD.
This way, when you ask the player to watch the movie you will get nothing more.
Get a good software player that can use your HDD folders/images, and hope Vista will not exercise DRM on you (remember you may or may not be entitled to use these backups, depending on your local laws).

I know with nero showtime, when I go to play a dvd off hard drive, I just select the VIDEO_TS folder to play (not any specific file within it, the entire folder). It automatically recognizes that it is a dvd and goes looking for the right files to play. Within that respect, it just depends on how well your player software is designed to deal with dvd’s on hard drive. Those two folders are standard dvd format (you would find the same thing on an actual dvd disk). If you are using windows media player in vista, try opening the whole folder. If that doesn’t work (not really sure what windows media player will do, I don’t use it), you may want to consider a better player like windvd, powerdvd, nero showtime etc.
If you are talking about getting it to go straight to playing the movie without having to go through menus, agomes is right, it has to be re authored. Many programs, clonedvd, nero recode, shrink, dvd decryptor etc. have options to either just copy the main movie and or selective remove all the extras so there is just the main movie. I’m not sure about dvd fab platnum now as I haven’t used it.