How do i play dvds with nero show time

I have nero 6 ultra edition .and i install all the programs
when i play dvds it tell me i need dolby channel 2 channel decoder or dollby digital5.1 i already install the multichannel plugin but no sound coming from dvds

What version are you using?
Is the sound audible when playing the DVD from another app such as PowerDVD?

Recieving the same error messages in Recode. Just downloaded the updates and still getting them. How can I get access to download them.

if you installed all programs seperately, then nero vision express requires a different serial to the other nero apps. don’t let nero choose the key when you install nero vision or recode. input the key you have for NVE 2 during installation.

Open Nero start smart and click on the Nero logo in the upper left. Then go to the serial tab and make sure your serial number is in there. If it is, remove it and put it in again. Then try again.